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Bart de Voogd

Senior Communications Advisor
Bart de Voogd

It’s an interesting time for businesses and organisations in our agrisystem. For years, it was sufficient to communicate about products and services, about margins and results. But since the transition to a sustainable agricultural system has started to really take shape, and since we know and feel that there are absolute limits to the way we can produce our food, communicating on the basis of simply ‘sending the message’ is no longer good enough. Social trust and engagement have become essential components of corporate strategy. The real value of an organisation is in how you connect with society. Communication plays an essential part in this. And especially the part where you listen and consider what’s happening around you.

My added value lies in translating that connection into clear positioning and workable communication strategies. My extensive experience in the energy transition, media and agriculture helps me. Seeing other perspectives, but with a realistic view. My work has brought me into contact with all areas of the communications profession: journalism, PR communications, marketing and stakeholder communications. This makes me a generalist, but one with a mission. To help companies and organisations focus their sights. Why do you do what you do, and who do you need in order to be able to do it? And then turn this into a true story.  

It really is an interesting time.