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Judith van Heck

Communications • Concept development • Strategic • COO
Judith van Heck

We are in an era of permanent change. It’s a time that requires reflection, new leadership, and adaptability. I think it's a very interesting time. There’s a lot going on and it's happening quickly. Top-down and bottom-up movements. Being able to guide the Imagro team and our clients through this time gives me an overdose of energy every day.

In this rapidly changing world, my personal motivation is clear: To boost a sustainable food system and a healthy living environment. It is a complex issue. A precarious interplay of agriculture, nature, energy, soil and water, the climate and people's health. It requires an integrated approach and new perspectives. A new balance between ecology, economy, and society.

I believe that the agrofood domain can have a positive impact on the major social challenges we face. But that call for innovation and improvement. And for people with vision, creativity, and decisiveness. On that frontline, I want to make a difference. With creative strategies and strategic concepts, and together with our team, our customers, and our relations.