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Agriculture – the breeding ground for a healthy future

Together with our clients, we’re taking the road of change and innovation, towards a food system that balances health, growth, liveability and care for the environment.

The world of agriculture is the world of farmers, suppliers and buyers. Increasingly, it is also the world of citizens, policymakers and anyone with a love of the outdoors. It’s a world of local, regional, national and international stakeholders. Of the countryside, as well as the city. It’s about both agriculture and nature; entrepreneurship; regulations; revenue models and ecological value. And it’s clear that this world will change drastically during the coming years.  

New perspectives

At Imagro, we focus on adding value within the agriculture domain by creating new perspectives. This includes focussing on the following themes:

Innovation and cooperation throughout the supply chain

Innovation of national and international agricultural systems requires a broad horizon. Technology is what truly speeds up innovation. Data-driven, precision or smart farming, robotisation and AI. Innovations improve processes. But ideally, they also improve the world. We can support you in your efforts to successfully market your innovations. From innovation all the way to invoicing. Systems and legislation are soil and water driven, that much is certain. Any approach requires new connections and collaborations. A sense of joint responsibility for the entire supply chain. This is what makes money flow towards creating value, so we can start by looking at selling. A strong sector is only possible if the relevant supply chain parties work together and when this chain is founded on a broad sustainable revenue model. Which SDGs will you be chasing? And here’s a tip from us: we believe the protein transition represents a great opportunity for innovation.  

Transition of the agricultural system

Leading by example. The will to innovate and become more sustainable is strong in the agricultural sector. After all, the farmer thinks in terms of future generations and sees their role as borrowing the land from their children. By linking forward-thinking businesses with innovative products and role model companies, by drawing up ambitious but realistic plans and by ensuring clear communication, we can facilitate your transition to a sustainable future with a stable revenue model. Because that, of course, is what it’s ultimately all about. Sustainability will only be sustainable if we work together. With a determination founded on economic, social and environmental principles.

Health and environment

Food that’s healthy and good for people, animals and the environment. This is the win-win situation we need. By inspiring and connecting parties in the supply chain, we look for solutions that benefit food producers, production environments and consumers alike. At Imagro, we have a real “can do” philosophy.

Area-based approach = Area-driven approach

Progress is something best achieved together. Local leaders can only make progress with the help of farmers and supply chain partners. And vice versa. That’s why it’s so important to keep local farmers as a friend of the natural environment in which they too live and work. We create network-based solutions for farmers, local government and the supply chain as part of our commitment to facilitating an area-driven approach, in which the community works together to find the best solution for its own region. We call this an ‘area-driven’ rather that an ‘area-based’ approach. We don’t focus on the area, but rather look at it in terms of what’s driving the local stakeholders.

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Bart de Voogd
Senior Communications Advisor

“The value of an organisation is in how you connect with society. Communication plays an essential part in this. And in particular the part where you listen before you act. This is Important for an industry that will be moving more and more in line with society.”