A different view of meat

'De Groene Weg' (The Green Way): for over 30 years an address to trust when it comes to meat. A genuine supply chain partner, with a permanent group of organic cattle farmers and 13 butcher's shops in the Netherlands. Together, they are responsible for supplying delicious, skilfully produced meat: 100% organic.

"For the good life"

In the new Rotterdam Market Hall, De Groene Weg presents 'a different view of meat'. "We talk passionately about our wonderful 100% organic meat products, showcasing literally the entire supply chain, from farm to fork," explains Managing Director, Allard Bakker proudly.

De Groene Weg and Imagro share a love of 100% organic meat products. De Groene Weg promotes itself as a modern, refreshingly unique partner in the supply chain. Putting the spotlight on the skilled professional and their story about producing tasty, healthy, honest and sustainable organic meat.