From advice to result

DLV Consultancy is a top consultancy agency for the agricultural sector and anything related to rural activities. Deeply rooted in the sector, and with an open mind. A modern player in the consultancy market. A partner with insight.

The directors of DLV Consultancy, Paul Bens and Herrold Lammertink, have witnessed major changes in the consultancy market in recent years. "Clients want specialists instead of generalists," they explain.


After 10 years in business, the company launched a new corporate identity. Paul Bens and Herrold Lammertink are both happy with their new image: "Now, we make it quite clear that we have a customer-oriented attitude and approach. Above all, the effectiveness of our new image reflects our style of work: Advice & Results. That’s what people want from us."

Image = approach

DLV Consultancy didn't just opt for an external metamorphosis. Sander Groenen, Senior Consultant at Imagro, explains the process: "The corporate identity is just the 'outside'. In collaboration with DLV Consultancy, we have also started to change the 'inside'...

… A new strategy. Aimed at realising the optimum way to bring expertise to the market; creating synergy, and strengthening the connection with the client. It's our job to connect 'sales' with effective consultancy. From Advice to Results..."



“We have taken the team from tell to sell. We started with the management team. We spent 2 days developing a strategy focused on the future. We then let this ‘settle’ in the rest of the organisation. Ambassadors were appointed for each theme within the organisation, and we gave them the task of shaping the sales story for their branch, with support from us...

… This is how we drew up the plans. And we organised workshops throughout the organisation, which ensured people across DLV Consultancy were involved in every step of the new company strategy. This meant that at the end of the process the new approach thoroughly embedded. Cooperating to create better results based on the best advice."