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Concept & creation

Concept & creation

Corporate identity

Your desired corporate identity and how you visualise it play a key role in the successful positioning of your organisation. In addition, the appearance and behaviour of your organisation largely determine the credibility of your story. We can help you in a whole range of ways, including: coming up with a distinctive name, creating a suitable logo and an effective design, as well as going on to develop your entire corporate identity.

Big idea

If you truly want to make an impact and have spent years looking for a way to come up with that one, all-encompassing concept, we’ll work with you to co-create and design your ‘Big idea’. We’ll give you the trump cards and you can then decide when you want to surprise your customers by playing one of them.


A picture says more than a thousand words. At least, a good, powerful image does! Our specialist photographer, Suzie Geenen, tells your story in fabulous images. She has extensive knowledge of the sectors we cover and has been photographing the fields of agriculture, horticulture, food and the living environment in her own professional studio and onsite for more than 20 years. Take a look at www.imagroimages.nl (in Dutch) for more details.

Video & animation

From concept to production, we have everything in-house. Video and animation are powerful tools for portraying your organisation's vision or simplifying a complex issue. Whether you’re Looking for a stimulating mood video, a vlog series or digital writing film, we have the skills and expertise you need!

Storytelling & copywriting

The power of an authentic and captivating story lies often in the details. Which storyline catches your attention, moves or inspires you? The stories our copywriters create dissect, unravel and reveal, so that your message really gets through to your target audience. And you achieve your goal.

Packaging design

Packaging and, in particular, the use of different materials, is a hot topic these days. And the sustainable possibilities are endless! We have extensive experience in designing a variety of packaging solutions for food, feed and non-food products. Always mindful of our environment.

Experience design

Do you dream of having your own restaurant? A future-proof shop? Or are you getting involved in in-store branding? Imagro is the partner you need: from concept to realisation.

Trade fairs

You want to steal the show. At every single trade fair that you attend. There are lots of reasons why having a stand at trade fairs and exhibitions is a standard part of the marketing and communications plan for many organisations. And designing an effective stand is no easy task. 


A unique concept for your event or workshop can bind and connect. From content knowledge and organisational power to creativity, our in-house studio has everything you need to come up with unique and powerful concepts.