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Strategic and Creative agency
for agri, food and rural areas

Full service communications Agency

On a daily basis Imagro makes the difference with effective communications solutions. Building bridges between town and country; society and the market; consumer and producer. But also between the farmer, the public, industry representatives and policymakers. Laying the foundation for strategy and creative solutions.


Meet Imagro!


Strategy & concept development / positioning & proposition / corporate identities & design / internal communication & cultural questions / productcommunication / storytelling / online strategy & campaigns / webdesign / sectorpromotion / trend lectures & inspiration sessions


Imagro inspires action. Energetic, positive, inquisitive, with a can-do mentality. We go against the flow, but our glass is always half-full. Using our drive to build up relationships with people, organizations and companies. Together we create renewal, change and progress.

Our roots

Imagro's roots lie in Ottersum, in the Dutch province of North Limburg. In 1994 Roger Engelberts started up his own copywriting agency in his father-in-law's barn. From being self-employed, Roger and his partner, Carlien van Bergen, built up a successful strategy and creation consultancy business, specialising in agri, food and rural areas.



The people, the property, the atmosphere, the creative yard,
Koos, Joep, the We- land, the tree house,
the long tables.


It's so Imagro, so ordinary and yet so special.
For those who want to see it; the center of the world.


Explore our beautiful, stylish authentic farm
on the green, creative yard Koos & Co's in Ottersum.