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Setting a vision

Show the world what drives your organisation. Like a compass, a vision provides direction. Where is your vison taking you? Together, we help you determine the right approach for realising your vision. After all, it’s easier to know your way when you have a destination to travel to.


Positioning is like playing darts. You have to find your target and hit the bullseye! Strong positioning shows clearly what makes you unique as an organisation, a product, a region or an individual. This is why you have to choose your target. Those who are indecisive, don’t have a strong brand and are hard to distinguish from the rest. We, at Imagro will help you hit your target!

Marketing and communication

Marketing and communication are inseparable. They reinforce each other, work hand-in-hand and give your organisation focus. At Imagro, we will help you achieve the most suitable marketing and/or communications strategy to achieve your goals.

Business development

The 5th industrial revolution requires systemic change. Changes that spur on new initiatives. Start-ups are sprouting up like mushrooms, large companies are closing their doors and small initiatives are disrupting the status-quo. Is your business model Future Proof? How are you preparing for the future? We’ll help you!

Trends and market insights

Although we live in the present, we’re already making tomorrow’s decisions right now. Preparing for an unknown future that’s constantly changing. Keeping a close eye on developments allows us to keep up in this ever-changing world.