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Organisation & support

Organisation & support

Community building

Starting a movement doesn’t happen overnight. You’re convinced of your purpose and know that many others share your ideas. You’re not looking for target groups, but rather assume you’ll have follower groups. But how do you reach them? How do you become appealing? How do you create ‘magnetising energy’? And how do you connect your followers constructively and from the bottom up? Connecting is something we love doing at Imagro. Let’s do it!

Team building

Together, Everyone’s Ambitions Managed.' We believe that you’ll always make more progress working together rather than alone. Forming a real and close team is a challenge; maintaining team spirit requires care and attention. Need a team day with a bang, an awesome and inspiring keynote speaker about teams, a cool format for a workshop or a brilliant idea for a structured team building session in an amazing location? Just let us now.

Stakeholder Management

How well do you know your stakeholders? What’s your approach to stakeholder management? Companies increasingly need a sophisticated stakeholder strategy. After all, reputation is hard-earned, easily lost, and difficult to regain. So, what are you doing to manage your stakeholders? Companies are contributing more and more to society. If you don’t, you’ll no longer exist in 10 years’ time. Stakeholders, in particular regional stakeholders, play a key role. We believe in a small local approach focused on area-driven circles of influence. But who are these circles of influence, and what exactly do they want? We’ve created our own method to help you identify the various parties, interests and expectations relevant to you. Making you more aware of the playing field in which you operate!

Support & implementation

Plotting a new strategy is one thing. Ensuring that stakeholders (including your employees) support and contribute to realising it an entirely different story. How do you get your target audience really on board? Our knowledge and experience ensure we choose the best path together.

Innovation sessions

If you do what you’ve always done, you always get what you got in the past. In need of a breath of fresh air? During an innovation session, we’ll help you get off to a focused and structured start. Looking for opportunities and ideas, for example for new market propositions, brand strategies, services and much more?


Inspire is a verb we just love to apply to ourselves! Take a look at the latest trends, listen to an energetic, creative vision of entrepreneurship, get a wake-up call or an inspiring sketch of the future. You ask, our keynote experts deliver...

Inspiration Safari

Be surprised and refreshed by getting off the beaten path for a change! Carve your own path and create a new trail. From looking at how others do things to embarking on a two-day inspiration tour a little further from home, and from organised trade shows to a tailor-made innovative experience. We’d love to take you on a journey through the world of agriculture, horticulture, food and the living environment!