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Food - a way of life

Food is constantly evolving and forms the connection between all the links in the supply chain: from its origins to the meals on our plates. But Food is more than just nutrition. Food has always been and always will be extremely relevant. And this is particularly the case right now, in the context of the major social challenges of our time: circularity, the climate & sustainability, as well as health & the affordability of our healthcare.

Whereas for many years the food sector was characterised as a prosperity-oriented business, it is now seen more as a reflection of a way of life for consumers. Consumers now focus their food needs on products and brands that align with their own values, lifestyles and beliefs. Here, not only are convenience, variety and price important, more nutritious and sustainable choices are becoming more and more relevant. This shift is challenging stakeholders in the food industry to focus on their social responsibility and work together to create a sustainable food system.

New perspectives

At Imagro, we focus on adding value in the food domain by creating new perspectives across a number of themes. These include:

Protein transition

For a more sustainable food system, we need to shift the balance between animal and plant-based proteins. At Imagro, we have the vision, the knowledge and the drive to help make that change happen. We believe in the extraction of new protein sources at the one end of the development funnel, to activating a different nutritional repertoire at the other.

Short supply chains

Good and healthy food, locally produced. The short supply chain is an important development in making our food system more sustainable, fairer and more efficient. Too much of the development of short supply chains remains at the level of well-intentioned amateurs. We believe in, and are contributing to professionalising short supply chain initiatives that respond to clearly identified consumer needs with practical and realistic solutions. It saddens us to see that all too many initiatives fail because they fail to make sufficient use of their predecessors’ experience.

Consumer trends

Feeding patterns are dynamic. Choices change based on the influence of an era, a stage of life and sources of inspiration. Successfully rolling out innovations is essentially a chaotic process. Having a partner that helps create a highly structured approach makes a huge difference. Imagro can help you every step of the way: from the development of a strong idea, right through to in-store promotion.

Closed supply chains

The development of our changing food system also requires the next phase of cooperation between parties in the supply chain. Imagro is experienced in organising and communicating this new form of collaboration: the closed supply chain.

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