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Online strategy

When you start building a house, you don't start with the brickwork, you start with the initial sketches. That’s exactly what we do. We create that practical plan for you, including the foundation principles and your goals. What do you want to achieve online? What are the expectations of your target audience? But also, what do the statistics say about your current online performance? We delve into the industry and scrutinise your key competitors. All that information and all those insights help us determine the best online strategy for you.

Content marketing | Brand awareness | Online and Social campaign | Conversion | KPIs | Customer Journey

Web & app design

Is the user the main focus? What functionalities are important and which ones does the user need? What should your website, web shop or app look like on a desktop, tablet or smartphone?  By carefully considering all of these aspects - and more, our online designers arrive at a design that ensures the best user experience. And that's what it's all about. Always. 

Digital design | User experience | User interface | Human centred design | Wireframes | Responsive | Adaptive

Web, eCommerce & app development

Anyone can build a website. And lots of people do. But as an insider in the world of agriculture, horticulture, food and the living environment, we’re able to shift gears faster and work more efficiently in the technical realisation of your website, web shop and app. That's just one of the many benefits you get from working with Imagro. And we don’t beat about the bush if we don’t fully understand your initial request. We’d rather start by taking one step back and only then, two steps forward. We work with our own CMS, but also speak the language of all known opensource CMS options. We build apps as web apps or specifically for the platforms IOS, Android and Windows Phone.

500+ websites | 1,000,000+ visitors per month | content management for website, intranet or portal | hybrid technology for apps | IOS, Android | web app | open source | customisation | online computing and other tools

Online marketing

Our experts in SEO & SEA, email & content marketing, as well as conversion optimisation understand every aspect of online marketing. Whether your goal is more traffic, increasing conversion or raising your brand awareness, we flip the right switches to get the very best results. And we monitor the results fully with detailed analysis and reporting of the numbers, so that your site performs even better moving forward.

45 million+ impressions | 500,000+ Website clicks | Email marketing | Marketing Automation | IP Tracking | Google Analytics | Google Ads | Social Media advertising (Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, YouTube)

Content creation

Every organisation is full of unique and useful content. So is yours. But do you know how to extract that content, and convey it to your visitors in a unique and relevant way? Be it copy, photos or videos, we create the content that really gets your message out there. Do you work with an annual content-based calendar yet? If not, we can help you get proactive and much more responsive online! 

Web copy | SEO | Keyword research | Coaching | Photography | Animations | Video / Webcasts | Webinars

Social media

For building valuable interactions and loyalty with your target audience, creating more visibility for your brand, improving customer satisfaction and driving sales, social media is the place to be. We set up your channels so that your customers come to you, rather than vice versa.

Social media training | Campaigns | Webcare | Facebook | YouTube | LinkedIn | Instagram | Twitter