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Living environment

The living environment affects us all

Climate, biodiversity, health. The Netherlands is in a state of flux. The living environment affects all of us and every one of us has a stake in it. This makes it all the more important to create a living environment that offers future perspective.

All the changes and transitions that are about to take place in the rural, agricultural and social domains also require a change in the way we look at our living environment: from stakeholder interests to a desire for a sustainable future. Creating a wiliness for dialogue.  The regional-based approach and the plans emerging from it touch European, national, provincial, regional and local interests. The web of numerous different interests will need to be unravelled and new ties created. This is precisely why social support offering perspective and clarity is indispensable in this domain.

New perspectives

At Imagro, we add value to the living environment domain by creating new perspectives. Across a range of themes, including:

Civil participation

Involved citizens are indispensable for a future-proof living environment. However, civil participation is more than just citizens participating. It’s not just about getting involved and providing input when asked, but it should also be about citizens taking the initiative, about their objections, and about their personal experience, wishes and their possibilities. Because all of these aspects differ from person to person! It’s important to involve and include citizens in every phase, including prioritisation, implementation and also evaluation of potential policy ideas. Only then can citizens be truly involved in their living environment.

Broad prosperity and health

Positive health is more than just your physical condition. Broad prosperity means that a person has a sense of purpose in their life and has skills to cope with life's challenges. This broad perspective on health is now common among experts and is also central to current and potential future visions for the living environment. There are numerous ways to improve the health of citizens if you take an integrated view and involve all the stakeholders in time. But this doesn't happen automatically, and it takes time. But the fact is, that it can be done!

Environmental legislation

Stronger together through dialogue. Space is becoming increasingly scarce. The stakes are high, as are the challenges. How can we find good, sustainable solutions that take all stakeholder interests into account? At Imagro, we do this by continuously striving for a win-win situation through continuous dialogue. Using our broad experience in both government and business, as a connector and initiator, we help search for the solution that is practical, supported and viable. Listening is the most important communication skill in this process, because when you listen carefully, you really do hear more.

Broad prosperity

What do we mean by broad prosperity? Prosperity is now no longer just about economics and economic gain, but covers many more dimensions. For example, health, general well-being, social contacts, environment, safety and a decent education. So, the term ‘broad’ is taking on a new meaning when we talk about ‘broad prosperity’. This is why we’ll need to look at many more aspects of the longer-term implications of any new developments. I.e., we need a different way of organising our approach, engaging citizens and making decisions. At Imagro, we help shape these new perspectives.

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Roger Engelberts
Director • Owner