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Martin Scholten

Intern inspirator
Martin Scholten

Using my background as an ecologist, I contribute ideas about new future perspectives for our food system and the transitions needed to achieve them. As far as I am concerned, the earth’s capacity needs to form the basis for our thinking.

We’re searching for and discovering these new perspectives. In conjunction and in interaction with the natural environment and society. With well-thought-out customisation, based on a systemic understanding and with no short-sighted solutions that would cause other problems in the future.

We have to rethink and think ahead, as well as learn and act together. This requires communication that focuses on connecting, inspiring and following through. That's where Imagro’s strength lies.

That’s why I love being able to contribute, as an inspirer and consultant at Imagro, to projects that revolve around renewal of the food system and improvement of landscape and living environment.